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kugeln.io Presskit

Download the presskit as a .ZIP file (30MB). Feel free to use the assets in any way.


Game Description

kugeln.io is a 2D multiplayer shoot' em up game, playable in every web browser without download or registration required. You can either go into matchmaking with people from around the globe, or play with your friends in private sessions.

In matches with up to 8 players you have to fight to death in very fast battle scenes. Pick up the weapons you need and defend your team!

The game theme is the famous meme called polandball (or countryball, depending on the community). Polandball is a user generated type of web comics, where the characters are countries represented by cute little balls with a flag on it. In kugeln.io you switch into the role of your favorite ball.

Development and Tech

kugeln.io is a hobby project by the German game developer Bastian Born.

The game is inspired by Worms, Teeworlds, Liero and Soldat.

This kind of realtime browser MMOs came up in 2015 with agar.io and lead into a new game genre called the ".IO games".

kugeln.io is based on modern HTML5 technology like WebGL and Web Audio. It has a custom engine written in JavaScript. The backend is based on node.js with native C++ addons for time critical operations.

Early Access

Press and YouTubers get early access to the beta. Please write a short mail to devs@kugeln.io to get an access code.